We're ReducingOur Impact

We use recycled products wherever possible, so don't be surprised when your shipment arrives in a box that's been given a second life. We're just trying to be as green as we can be.


What's left? What do you need

Welcome to Market Earth 2.0. Or 3.0. Its hard to tell at this point. But welcome anyway to the new and much improved Market Earth website. I appreciate your patience waiting for me to make it better, (technology being the weakest of my skillsets) and with the help of some extremely talented people I hope it will make your Market Earth experience that much better. What began as a small web site to help me exit a corporate life 5 years ago has turned into my passion, my nemesis and greatest joy of a business and a life here in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. I never imagined a store filled with friends and customers, customers that become great friends and several who now work here– whether they wanted to or not, but here we are. Market Earth is the new Hotel California – we let you in but we never let you leave..its just too fun in here. Our doors are open, on First St and online so come by and see for yourself. Tell me what you like and what you don’t…I can take it. So there you have it, my first blog on our new website. No pressure. Really.


bykaren@marketearth.net (08-22-2016)
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