We're ReducingOur Impact

We use recycled products wherever possible, so don't be surprised when your shipment arrives in a box that's been given a second life. We're just trying to be as green as we can be.

Partners Profiles

Blue Q

Founded by 2 brothers in 1988 and currently in Pittsfield, MA.,Blue Q specializes in products that are a little wrong in all the right ways. Cool recycled bags, Made in the USA, firm believers in employing adults with disabilities, militant about production partners using fair employment practices, these are the good guys. Its possible they wear capes.



Charles Viancin

Charles Viancin® products draw inspiration from everything that nature has to offer. From the solitary sunflower to a bouquet of daisies to a field of poppies, bring the beauty of the outdoors to the comfort of your own home with our wide range of silicone lids, bottle stoppers, and other kitchen accessories.


Coastal Fragrance

Coastal Fragrance is a small family owned business specializing in quality products since 1995.


Duke Cannon

Designed with no fuss. Just good old fashioned man products that will get you clean, shaved and presentable without the sissy fanfare. Hard working products for the hardworking man. In addition, Duke Cannon Supply Company is serious about its commitment to give back to the men and women serving our country. That’s why a portion of their proceeds directly supports veteran causes. Currently, they’re working with Honor Flight Network to give our American veterans a very well deserved trip and tribute that sadly they cannot afford on their own. Honor Flight Network transports the heroes of the armed forces to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at its memorials. It is an emotional day for many and one of the best of their lives for most. Duke Cannon Supply Company is proud to salute our brave troops and their families.



Florida Spyce

Florida Spyce is a unique blend of coastal fragrances combined with soft oils. The refreshing scent of the cologne and soap is derived from an age old formula used by sailing captains, plantation owners and travelers to sooth the skin and provide refreshment. Made on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The Florida Spyce Cologne can be used as an after-shave or cologne.



The company was founded in 1993.
Kattinatt is located in Jonsered´s historical factories – a charming old mill setting that rubs shoulders with the Säveån River. Kattinatt´s building was built in the 1840s and the factory area is listed as being of historical and cultural interest, and is located in a present-day
Their products are hand designed, characterized by recurring graphic design idioms and humoristic themes using renewable raw materials working actively to achieve the smallest environmental impact.


Modgy Vases and Luminaries are designed to be reused

These products are created from durable, thin layers of PET, PA and LDPE. Their vases and luminaries expand with water. When you’re done using them simply empty, collapse and store until next time.

Modgy products are constructed of BPA-free plastic materials, making them expandable, shatterproof and recyclable


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